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Beverly Hills SODIC Beverly Hills

Just five minutes away is the established neighbourhood of Beverly Hills. Here you will conveniently find pharmacies, grocery stores, dry cleaners, nurseries, schools, a clinic, mosques and various shops located next door to Allegria. If you would like to walk over to The House, Beverly Hills’ clubhouse, a wide range of sport and leisure amenities await you there.

Casa SODIC LogoCasa

Right next door to Allegria is Casa, a gated community of contemporary luxurious apartments. Casa is a compound designed for the very best, nestled in the heart of Shiekh Zayed. With 1,180 units spread on close to 270 thousand square metres of land and green and public spaces of around 80%, this upscale compound is as splendidly comfortable and spacious as living in a villa.

Westown Cairo SODICWestown

Although you have chosen to move away from the congestion of Cairo, you still need to benefit from the services of a downtown. This is where Westown comes in. Designed to be the city centre of Sheikh Zayed City and its surroundings, Westown will bring all that you want from urban living conveniently close by.
Combining modern homes, entertainment and leisure with contemporary office space, it’s the ideal neighbourhood to have next door. Built in collaboration with Solidere International, Westown will provide a fantastic pedestrian experience with amazing shopping, dining and state-of-the-art offices. Westown will make a walk into town something to look forward to once again.

One of Westown’s first neighbourhoods to be delivered, in 2013, is Forty West. Built around the Forty West Piazza, this lively neighbourhood brings together the best of international dining, art and design.
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Also to be delivered in 2013 is The Polygon Westown Business Park, a state-of-the-art office building complex. Energetic, dynamic and spacious, The Polygon is designed to cater to both small businesses and large corporations, having all the social connectedness of a downtown office and all the convenience of a modern business complex. If you are thinking of moving your office to walking distance from your home, The Polygon would be the choice to make.
For more information please visit www.westowncairo.com/thepolygon

The Strip The Strip

Make everyday shopping trips a hassle-free experience by visiting The Strip: your local shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Located on Dahshour Road, The Strip was created by the design team behind Designopolis, and shares the same relaxed, laid-back feel, where you can walk around between shops and eateries in the open air.

Opening in 2013, The Strip is spacious and safe, ideal for pedestrians. It’s a 10 minute walk away, accessible by strolling through Allegria’s parks and gardens. You’ll find convenient entertainment and everyday shopping here including banks, supermarkets and a range of cafés and restaurants.