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Discovering the Art Trail

At SODIC we are passionate about design, art and culture. As such, we have endeavoured to bring art to Allegria, combining culture with nature and weaving it throughout the landscape. Across all of Allegria’s parks you will discover the Allegria Art Trail.

We commissioned over ten master sculptors and up to forty recognised and upcoming artists to produce unique and individual sculptures that will be placed in various parks and squares to create the Allegria Art Trail.

The Art Trail which winds its way around Allegria’s golf course and parks is inspired by the eye-catching pieces of art you’ll uncover along the way. As a result you will find sculptures, functional art, decorative art and installations all around Allegria, making even sitting to enjoy the vista a more cultural and creative experience.
Discovering the Fitness Trail

Living at Allegria, it’s natural to be active and healthy. It’s so easy to enjoy outdoor living when you don’t have to worry about traffic and congestion. Here, you’ll find that walking and cycling have been made safer.

Allegria’s Fitness Trail was designed to provide individual workout stations to make structured exercise simple. A stretch of 4km of the Fitness Trail has specific fitness machines placed at planned intervals, giving you a combined workout of jogging and machine training. And if you want a more intense workout you can head to the dedicated exercise platform and outdoor gym at the Multi-Functional Park.

For yoga lovers you will find a designated yoga platform at the Minimalist Garden. You can easily get to any of these different places within Allegria by walking or cycling.


At SODIC, we like to do things differently, you will find that the quality of design and architecture which makes your home so special has been extended to Allegria’s outdoor and communal areas. We have done this so you feel at home outside your home.

Over 80% of Allegria’s land is dedicated to green and public spaces, meaning you’ll never lose the peace and tranquillity which goes hand in hand with outdoor living. But it’s not just being outside which makes life great, it’s what you can do whilst you’re there.

At Allegria, families and friends can enjoy the outdoors together. That is why we have invited seven different local and international designers to create twelve unique pocket gardens all around Allegria for you and your family to enjoy. For activities where everyone can join in, you will find the Mini Golf Garden and the basketball court at the Hanging Gardens for families and neighbours to come together for a friendly game. You can skate or test your climbing skills at the Multi-Functional Garden; you can even race remote control boats with your children at the Motor Boats Pond. Even games of chess and snakes and ladders are available at the Topiary Gardens. Your adventurous little ones can create their own fun too at the kids’ corner gardens and special drawing walls or even build a den in the tree house. You can make a day of it with family or friends by arranging to meet at the barbeque or picnic areas, while young ones can safely play at the toddler playgrounds.

Nature-lovers can walk for hours amongst the Herbal and Botanical areas, all of which have benches available whenever you want to sit and relax, or read a book in the shade of a tree.

This is just a flavour of all the different parks that you can enjoy in Allegria. All this is designed for you to rediscover the simple pleasures of being outside.